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tweeting away

00:44 Has chronic mind disorganization issues. Gwargh!

01:01 is not a very social person, despite outwards appearances (i suck at schmoozing!).

04:28 @NicholasPerkins @KateEdwards I assure you the damage was unintentional!

04:28 @a_lil_spaz hehe :) I felt very outta place at #btub - missed 2 hours, couldn't sustain any conversation longer than 1 minute...

05:06 Yo Dita, stripping doesn't define burlesque: www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/a150137/von-teese-dolls-were-not-burlesque.html

08:31 @nicolejensen be an impresario! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impresario

08:44 what's the difference between corny and cheesy?

08:44 @MissPinkKate is this the "things I'll never tell my mother"? YAY it's out!

09:32 SPLENDID - looking for young & emerging Oz artists (cross-platform) to workshop for Splendour in the Grass 2010: splendid.org.au/

09:33 OK, are there any opportunities for young & emerging artists that DON'T require Aussie citizenship or PR? It'll take me a year to get PR...

09:35 @definatalie PR = permanent residency. Applying for it on Monday, takes about a year to process

11:40 @purplefae ooh err ;)

11:49 The Social Media Guru: www.bradcolbow.com/archive.php/?p=26

13:23 Where are all the opportunities for bi/pan women in Brisbane? All the queer women stuff targets lesbians only

13:27 @kissability I meant stuff like parties or events - the women-only ones are also lesbian-only, which is rather annoying

20:48 @spam tradedayuk

22:20 What's on today? I have nothing much to do

22:53 has *Womanizer* stuck on the brain

22:56 @dr_sunshine HALLO!!!!! :D Go on, post something!!

22:58 My sister is on Twitter! she hasn't written anything yet, so go say hi to @dr_sunshine :D

23:00 @zenatplay it's a mash of stuff. I performed w/ a remix & Felafel the play had a Diva Disco Dance to it. It's pretty catchy :D

23:20 If I'd like to edit a picture from Portugal for use in Australia, whose copyright law am I under?

23:24 @definatalie it's a scan of a 1933 Portuguese magazine which seems defunct. I want to know if it's in public domain.

23:28 @theother66 it's a scan of a really old magazine that's no longer available. CC wasn't invented yet :P

23:29 @definatalie I'm looking, but can't seem to find it

23:32 @definatalie tinyurl.com/cs5asu says life + 70, but I have no idea who the original artist is. gwargh

23:33 @definatalie I want to use the girl in this pic: snipr.com/f8l51 for my @themerchgirlnet logo

23:56 @theother66 wanting to make a logo for @themerchgirlnet - the pic's awesome!!

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