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00:09 This is FUCKED UP. Woman calls for help - the police ASSAULT her. (news article, warning: triggering video) tinyurl.com/ao4ty8

00:17 @hipsterrunoff you ok?

01:14 twitpic.com/1kury - I got tagged by @a_lil_spaz!

1) Sit Down
2) Take a picture of yourself right now ! Dont primp jus ...

01:15 twitpic.com/1kush - 1) Sit Down
2) Take a picture of yourself right now ! Dont primp just snap !
3. Upload it
4) Tag 5 people ...

01:16 Booktopia clearance sale = woo! tinyurl.com/bw25rv

01:45 @definatalie try better world books: is.gd/kb0C

01:57 @TwitlitZone i would like to know what you could do with a divabat that's also an aspiring circus & burlesque performer ;)

02:11 @galadarling Only according to Vedic astrology. Western = Libra (26th Sep). I suit Libra more; nowhere near as organised!!

02:43 @nicolejensen er, thanks for RE-adding me o_O

02:50 Ok, my gov is stupid. tinyurl.com/bpres3

03:02 @hipsterrunoff's site got hacked. methinks someone took him WAAAAAAAAAY too seriously.

03:06 (if it's not just @hipsterrunoff being meta-silly. Wonder who the "?" commentor is though!)

03:09 @Taezar I'm all for polyamoury personally :P

03:10 @elliottbledsoe ah, the curse of the conference. engaging excited talk, but afterwards? SIZZLE

03:22 @SarahMoran festivals aren't enough though. need to be open on a personal level. CALD ppl aren't just here as exotic zoo specimens

03:30 @elliottbledsoe DAMN THE MEDIA! :P youth are most influenced by their peers (even more so than parents or media). need collective effort

04:09 @elliottbledsoe or what if none of the current pollies represent your views?

04:18 @elliotbledsoe @sarahmoran snipr.com/c9zne project at BYM last year

04:24 @elliottbledsoe a few people at BYM last year. it was one of the projects that was proposed. Contact Alex Phelan

04:37 @donmacca @elliotbledsoe @sarahmoran it's usually the same people doing the same things anyhoo

05:19 @thisishome I'm not entirely sure where home is for me yet

06:00 feels tense

06:08 @a_lil_spaz RCH is hiring a Fundraising Coordinator: www.onetest.com.au/workingwonders/ap22824 does events too

06:21 Is there something like Yelp or Papers for PDF management for Windows? want to reorg all my PDFs & view them quickly.

07:02 Anybody interested in going to Burlesque Ball? If we get a group of 10+ we get discounts. burlesqueball.com

07:06 @tcarmody itunes doesn't quite do what I want though, and I already have a hefty music library there ;P

07:09 @definatalie $69-$74 currently, but with the discount its $49

08:51 The facebook privacy settings don't work too well - there's still ways around them. sigh.

09:09 @lainie perhaps a backend thing?


11:12 Dad just said YES to getting the police clearance. Which means hopefully I'll get my visa and be in Brisbane longer. YES!!!!

11:20 EducateDeviate: Youth Leadership Academy - Taking Applications tinyurl.com/arbyk7

20:14 @mendeley_com thanks - the program got stuck on syncing and made everything slow. would prefer no automatic syncs.

21:33 Permanent employees of Qld gov have to be Oz citizens/PR - does that apply to temporary employees too?

21:34 Never mind, answered my own question!

21:40 @IttyBiz I've got #1 and #3 down; I currently don't even have a lame-ass day job to quit from!

23:39 likes how her friends from all sorts of different circumstances have come together in her Mr. Meme thing :D

23:46 @drjon It's a photo tagging meme on Facebook. You tag people that fit certain Mr Men/Little Miss characters. Wonder what I could tag you for

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