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My foot is recovering. I can walk on it now without crutches (for the most part). And no more thrombosis injections, huzzah.

CI was...interesting. People (ok, Yosh) kept wanting to shuffle me from one CI to another because they thought thez needed more/less people. ("But my FOOT, Yosh!") Either way I was kind of useless...the Ford people and the other locals pretty much got everything taken care of.

I did get to learn some nifty circus juggling skills - I got the spinning-plates-on-sticks thing really easily! Irina was frustrated thatshe couldn't get it as quickly. It's all about moderation, and holding the stick. But it's fun. I walked up to the workroom with the spining plate asking if anyone wanted spun soup. At least I know a new parlour trick.

On the second CI day, besides taking a gazillion photos, I was having fun making a list of distinctive things people say and do. Some were a lot more obvious than others - I now have about half the group covered. I wonder what other people will come up with.


I actually managed to dance (and act homeless) on Celebration Day. I'm not entirely sure Nina realized that my foot was sprained,but no matter; I did vow to myself (after Los Angeles) never to miss a Celebration. It's too much fun. Especially Huddles! I swear, I'll be doing the Huddle in my sleep.

We did this exercise where groups were given snippets of music and come up with some sort of performance based on a theme. Ours had a song from Ragtime (something about being in America in Yiddish) and our theme was Immigration and Cultural Encounters...after what seemed like ages of talking, the group finally settled on a short pantomime involving chairs and not letting K sit on any of them. We were rather intimidated by the other two groups (we went frist but the other 2 were AWESOME) but Nina and Rob thought the chairs were a strong visual, so hmm.

A bunch of new people have been hired for the next Up with People Program - two Davids (one for communications, one for something else I don't really remember) and a bunch of the Road Staff - Dee Ann for curriculum development; Yoshimi, Anke, and Tom for admissions; Nina for show development; and Bob for a permanent position as manager for program managers (OK, that's not the actual title, but that's kind of the idea of what he's doing). It's great that they all have these new jobs, though that may mean (definitely in the case of Bob) that they won't travel anymore. Sigh.

Good news is that new jobs should be made available by April, so remind me to check the website then.

Host Family Day is more like a Personal Day, really. Woke up late for breakfast so have been snacking on chocolate instead.

Tomorrow - ERFURT! Hopefully with a host family that clicks better. Man, I want to go to a hair salon just for a shampoo.
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My first night in Köln, I fell down the stairs.

I was trying to find my way back to my room after going online last night - it was pitch black and I was lost. I went through a corridor and pened a door, thinking ti would lead me to the corridor to my room.

The door led immediately to a staircase, and in the dark I tumbled over, falling till the end. I yelled out for help; I was dizzy and delirious and my right foto hurt like hel.

One of the Fathers found me and a few of them took me to my room. I know I passed out a few times becuase there were moments where I thought I´d be somewhere and next thing I know I was somewhere else. Eston saw me in my room and we all decided to call Bob.

After that, they called an ambulance, and I was sent to the hospital nearby. I had a very painful foot, my head and back hurt, I was dizzy and nauseous. The hospital visit seemed like forever - I had X-Rays (painful because of my foot) and thankfully there are no fractures, just a very sprained ankle.

They put a bandage on my ankle and gave me crutches, and then I had to be injected to prevent thrombosis since I would be immobile. OW. I also got some painkillers; I took one that night.

I barely slept, and next morning we went back to the hospital - my bandage was changed and I got another injection. That injection made me really, really nauseous and I was miserable and depressed the whole morning and afternoon. The crew were doing a city tour and a mayor reception and I was feeling left out.

I talked to my parents and sister and texted my best friend, which helped a bit. I could stand on that foot then, just not walk on it. I needed to walk on it because if I don´t I have to get injected moer - and that´s PAINFUL.

Bob, Gaby, and Carrina (one of the Advance Team LOCs) came by to visit me. We talked a bit about what happened with me and the crew and also the more practical stuff like showing up during the week or moving around or even insurance. They also passed on some notes from the crew, as well as some chocolate and an apple - that really, really made my day. I felt tons better.

I now can walk on that foot, though it´s still sore. Parstof my back and neck still hurt,but it´s not as bad as last night. Tomorrow is a Personal Day and I´m kind of hoping I´ll get visitors but we´ll see. Hopefully I´ll recover enough to return on Thursday, even if it meant sitting down a lot.

I wonder how Anke and Che-Ri did it, man. I felt so not strong these past day or so. Hopefully I´ll get better.


Nov. 14th, 2005 08:43 pm
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OK very quick update.

Before reaching Köln, we all stopped at Bonn, former captial of Germany. Some of us - me included - went to the Deutsche Welle media station and saw how they did their radio shows. I got to do a voice sample, woo! Too bad I don´t speak German otherwise I could apply for an internship or a place at their Akademie...

Our host code? Singing a given song. My song? Aqua´s Barbie Girl. Danni deliberately chose that for me, I know it.

I´m staying with Eston, and 15 Fathers and Brothers in a missionary house. (They work as missionaries in Africa and this is the admin area) The only other woman here besides me and the Virgin Mary is a secretary that comes in during the day. And the Internet apparently costs €1 for God knows how long.

God help me.


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