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We are in Hollywood!

Our facility, Wizards Dinner Theater, is AWESOME. Stars and moons and sparkliness everywhere. I cried seeing it; it's gorgeous. We're going to have the most brilliant Celebration in the history of Celebrations, I am sure of it.

I'm rooming with Baljit, Sammi, and Che-Ri this time round; I have the sofa. My choice. We have a guest house all to ourselves - though the Internet isn't working and I don't have much access, so don't expect much in the way of updates.

(This will be similar in Japan - Internet access isn't as common for individuals and some cities are a bit too far off to have cybercafes.)

Yesterday we held a Staff Appreciation Night, where some of us presented our thanks to the staff members. Eli came up with the idea and we all worked hard to keep it a secret! Reuben and K did hilarious impersonations of the staff, and Shinpei and Danni worked together on a song they wrote especially for staff. I even got to do a mini-Huddle at the end of it all. (I was also presenting to Dee Ann.) Fun!

It was an absolutely brilliant and amazing idea; everyone was so touched and honoured by it, staff and students alike. The most pivotal moment was when Yoko was presenting to Ana, but she got so choked up she couldn't speak; Ana just held her close and they embraced in silence for so long. It was just pure LOVE in the room at that point. No words needed to be said, really.

Absolutely beautiful.

Right now I am at the St Francis Center, a place that provides food & supplies to the homeless. We're rotating the Internet access amongst ourselves, so that's how you're getting this update. I've got quite some work to do online, and some people I'm expecting emails from, but oh well...

So far Los Angeles has been awesome. Let's keep it that way.

Whisk W00t

Aug. 20th, 2005 10:30 pm
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I got kicked out of the Expo Dance (bah) - Eston got so confused about me not being there during rehearsal that he kicked himself out too, heh.

But YAY! We ROCK! They showed photos of us...I looked like such a dork...and they had statistics and rhythms and songs and dances and slideshows and all sorts of funky stuff. We rock man, we rock.

I actually cried when they were showing the Dare You To Move Global video. That's when it hit me; why we were here. Oh God. We finally did it.

I'm a bit emotional; 3 weeks of work and it went by so quickly! Oh man. but woo! We did it!

I became the Hug Committee and went around hugging the staff. I had Rie with me but she disappeared after a while. Oh well.

On Monday, we travel to Albuquerque. I need to pack, and get ready to be the bus team. And welcome Joyce.

Oh, what a great start.
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We just came back from a pizza party hosted by Andy and Rick, Danni and Chris's host dads (the gay couple). It was loads of fun - loads of drinks and snacks, us singing our heads off on karaoke (Nina would cringe if she heard us), chats and hugs and kisses and all sorts of fun stuff.

I was the Party Faerie - I went there with my brand new blue Faerie Wings! Bought them today from the party store. They had some cool costumes (including some BatWoman - or DivaBat - getups) but they were either too large or too expensive. These faerie wings were inexpensive and just nice for my luggage.

I need to pack, ack.

I had an orchid that fell off a tree...but it fell off my ear too. Sigh. Thank you, Orchid, for granting me with your gift for a while.

I didn't drink a drop of alcohol and I was the drunkest one there.

Tomorrow, we perform. For the first time. EEE! Wish us luck!

Edit: Almost forgot a few things.


2. Our group didn't win the ice cream.

3. Congrats Dina! She was a friend of mine since primary school and was runner-up in last year's Malaysian Idol. She just won a gold & silver medal for the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles - the first Malaysian in about 6 years to win. Yay!


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