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03:18 Stage managers and tech crew needed for impro/comedy show on thursday. Contact me for details. #fb

03:21 #amazonalternative : BetterWorldBooks - second-hand books that raise funds for literacy. www.betterworldbooks.com/

03:23 @cyprogirl networking events often work like that :P (found you from @NicoleJensen)

03:25 @brisneyland map ideas: nightlife places without alcohol, regular arts/stage shows, Adults Only, do-good places

03:27 RT @gloom_yasmin More: www.booksamillion.com/ and www.powells.com/ #amazonalternative

03:28 RT @gloom_yasmin In case anyone's looking for #amazonalternative: www.bookdepository.com ships free to almost 90 countries!

03:31 For all the interconnectedness that is the arts world (everywhere), there's still politics & backbiting. Politics suck! Let's get along #fb



04:09 @Robert_Houdin I've seen individuals do this for their own love letters, but not necessarily a group project

04:26 @jmdonellan and the books + shipping are pretty cheap too! it's too easy to waste all your money, ha

04:27 Another #amazonalternative geared towards swapping books: bookmooch.com lets you swap books internationally

04:31 @cyprogirl yup that's true. it's hard to find a balance sometimes (esp if you're kinda shy and in a room of N-etworkers)

04:33 Crap. We ate the wrong chocolate. :( sorry @joelgilmore!! #fb

04:46 RT @PeterBlackQUT @theinquisitr: "#AmazonFail: how one company will lose millions" - tinyurl.com/d5k75j

04:46 @PeterBlackQUT it's not just GLBT - feminist and sex ed content is being blocked too. Why Amazon Why? #amazonfail

05:40 Goddamn hormones!!

05:43 A possible reason for #amazonfail - too many flags? tehdely.livejournal.com/88823.html

05:47 @trialia in the comments they mention Craig's book and mention that it could be a trial that blow up? #amazonfail

05:49 @trialia is it possible to directly complain to Amazon about certain books? There was a similar campaign against LJ #amazonfail

05:51 @trialia tehdely.livejournal.com/88823.html it's in quite a few different threads, I'm going through them now #amazonfail

05:52 @trialia some people have brought up the no-flag thing and the #glitchmyass thing #amazonfail

05:52 @trialia Amazon and LJ have tags, LJ didn't have "Report This LJ" until very recently - look up Strikethrough

05:57 @trialia aha. hmm. then I'm not sure anymore o_O trying to learn more too

06:01 @trialia Oooh, another theory: Someone from INSIDE the company, cares more about principle than job security. #amazonfail

06:01 @trialia (that came from the LJ post, comments page 2. Bit conspiracy-theorist but plausible) #amazonfail

06:05 @trialia this may explain the "adult content" emails: atara.livejournal.com/582330.html

06:23 @bymaustralia I register myself and nominate @NicoleJensen for your recruitment :)

06:28 @Powells You may get a lot of international orders...get ready!

06:41 I want what Dora's holding: tinyurl.com/dy6pft #fb

07:04 is all alone at home. Anyone wanna come over or invite me out tonight? #fb

07:39 Alternatives to Amazon - please fill out this form and pass it on: snipr.com/fsfmu #amazonfail #amazonalternative

07:48 @edwardharran Don't click on anything that says "Click here to protect yourself"

07:58 RT @djackmanson DO NOT CLICK ON ANY SHORTENED LINKS without previewing them or you can get the new #mikeyy worm: pls RT

08:47 Coilhouse magazine looking for illustrators and designers: tinyurl.com/d4ww2z #fb

09:38 @briscreative yeah, to whoever's asking

09:57 @a_lil_spaz somehow i think you will enjoy this one ;) community.livejournal.com/metaquotes/7100089.html

10:24 I like the position of marriage quoted here: community.livejournal.com/metaquotes/7099746.html #fb

10:34 @GoddessLeonie HAR! My cycles and emotions have been out of whack for a few days now. Still waiting for my period...

10:39 A good theory on why religious authorities are concerned about the term "marriage": tinyurl.com/dlol4z #fb

20:59 A dear friend of mine sounds terribly depressed and I'm worried about him. What can I do to help?

22:35 @iusebiro that theory got debunked...but no confirmed answer either way

22:38 Possible explanation for #amazonfail: tinyurl.com/ctdxc3

22:58 @darrenhayes POP!

23:19 Good Ideas Salons: www.goodideassalons.com/ #fb

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