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07:44 Which Fall Out Boy soundalike has a song with Blondiesque guitars & the refrain "I - DON'T - CARE" something something something? #fb

08:16 back from Coffs Harbour for friend's 21st. whoo, tired. #fb

08:17 @trishalynn rearless? I have a rear, albeit a small one :P actually I'm really a big chicken. too easy to spook!

08:25 How pathetic must I be to be rejected for an Expression of Interest for Admin Assistants by a TEMP AGENCY?

09:02 The term "People of Colour" annoys me. It's not just White vs PoC, people. I don't stand for everyone else with chocolate skin! #fb

09:05 @djackmanson thanks man, I really appreciate the info :)

09:14 @djackmanson what annoys me is when "well-meaning" white activists go on about PoC blah, then discount opposing voices from "POC" themselves

09:18 @djackmanson er, not yet, I hope not!

09:28 Why I hate the equation "Race = privilege + power": tinyurl.com/caxjcg #fb

09:30 @a_lil_spaz change your password!!

09:33 Damn you Mikey! (nope, not a worm message): www.bnonews.com/news/242.html

10:00 wtf "colourism"?

10:40 @iusebiro a term used by people to explain racism that doesn't fall into the "privilege + prejudice" thing -_-;;

11:04 ooo! A job as a captioner for TV! tinyurl.com/d8mxus #fb

12:20 TS.Com April dreamboard! (feat. The Merch Girl and Gala Darling) tinyurl.com/cx44zv

21:02 Hey Amazon, if you're going to block "adult" content, at least be consistent about it. PlayBoy's OK but GLBT lit isn't? #amazonfail #fb

21:36 Tweenbots - aww this is ADORABLE! www.tweenbots.com/ #fb

22:05 Hmm, maybe I should get a Sugar Daddy as a Patron of the Arts: www.seekingarrangement.com (hahahaha) #fb

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