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00:33 @spam @bonezlyfe

01:15 @GoldCoastGirl can you borrow one?

01:40 I have to solve anagrams and do a police check...for a job app as a mailroom person. o_O

02:12 @jamievaron sparks fly?

02:14 needs a hug because she feels like crap #fb

02:52 @avrilchan @PixelProject @drjon @lyyyl @weisslu @zomb1etron @geminianeyes thank you :) <3

04:10 @martharunnette oh awesome! someone responded! we probably do know some people too - do you know Bob & Anke? or Rob Pryterch?

04:23 @fmll I tried the melted-hot-chocolate drink - YUMMY! but oh now I need gallons of water.

08:55 How does one get a no-sex-required job in the sex industry, like a receptionist at a brothel? Is there a specific SexHub job site? #fb

09:05 @djackmanson heh. I'm more curious. I remember my first sem here a brothel advertised for a receptionist on the QUT Guild classifieds

10:58 @danschawbel my condolences.

11:03 Continuing on previous question: In Australia, what does a hostess in a gentlemen's club do exactly? #fb

11:17 @exocetau as they're usually defined on websites like Love and Rockets :P

11:45 Holy crap. Some people can really be such a PEST! tinyurl.com/cmngzu #fb

11:54 so annoyed now. I need help finding a job; I don't need to be attacked just because I didn't want to pretend to be Catholic. #fb

12:03 @trishalynn It's for the Selective Twitter App; anything you mark with that # gets X-posted to your Facebook profile

12:05 BTGOG apologized, which was sweet of her. I probably shouldn't have lashed out at her like that, but I'm not in a great space to day.

12:14 @magicalmudge aww. *hugs*

12:15 Sorry everyone for being Crankypants Grumpus today. Hopefully after this weekend I'll be better. #fb

21:57 The eLance conumdrum: you need feedback to get jobs, but you need jobs to get feedback... #fb

22:08 This could explain the earlier news about Aussie women going up in bra sizes: www.nytimes.com/2009/04/09/fashion/09bra.html

22:39 RT @JohnnyBTruant I'm overdue to write about how freaky my social circle has become. is.gd/6mc9 FREAKS UNITE! (RT if you're a freak)

22:51 @darrenhayes Never wait for chocolate! It's Easter so there's always more ;)

23:00 hopefully going to Coffs Harbour for Anna's 21st tonight will cheer me up a bit

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