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03:12 @kyeli She had blue hair too so I sent her your video, but she wasn't quite a fan unfortunately...ah well, diff strokes diff folks!

03:13 @ninashah no!! I shall findsz it!

03:18 @agent_x @NicoleJensen for my VRES project I learnt that many "disabled" people don't see it as something unfortunate or a failing

03:19 @agent_x @NicoleJensen many disabled ppl find the "oh poor you" attitude patronizing and don't actually want to *fix* their "disability"

03:19 @agent_x @NicoleJensen it's something of a political and academic movement. Very interesting, blew my mind!

03:22 @geminianeyes I don't think that's fair. Reputable websites are still vulnerable to hacks but that doesn't reflect on their knowledge of Net

03:24 @NicoleJensen was reading your archive and came across your comment about being blind. It sparked a research memory :)

03:26 @agent_x Saw a comment from @NicoleJensen to you about being blind, which I thought was interesting. Sorry lack of backstory!

03:30 @NicoleJensen It's a decent theme, but go with what you feel reflects you and makes you happy. Tis your site :)

03:30 CEOs & HR Managers of non-profits wanted for survey on ethical jobs: tinyurl.com/cpxo57

03:39 @GoldCoastGirl for a moment I thought you were @QuirkyKat because she has bunny ears in her icon XD

03:40 @agent_x ...oh dear. poor whale. XD What next? Mail Whale? Kale Whale? Pail Whale?

03:44 @m1khaela SO MUCH WORD to your transphobia comic. I see similar sentiments against bi/pansexual people also. It SUCKS!

03:50 @flightcentreAU your staff at Brisbane CBD are awesome!! :D

04:03 @jkottke I had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM yesterday with some website copy. And I have this issue all the time, but mainly with artistic stuff.

04:20 RT @PixelProject Are you a marketing pro who's a whiz at snagging sponsorships? Looking for a volunteer opp in the VAW cause? Contact us!

04:57 @playtwivia Molotov cocktail

05:14 ok, something's up with YouTube audio - I've got the volume really low and it's still REALLY LOUD

05:21 RT @themerchgirlnet OH MY GOD. I WANT THIS. tinyurl.com/cq9tja #fb

07:22 @PixelProject if it's Niki Cheong it's a guy ;)

07:29 Do you have to be on Centrelink to apply for jobs on the Australian JobSearch site? #fb

07:30 @lainie hishamuddin for?

07:32 @geminianeyes link plz

07:35 @geminianeyes muhyiddin as DPM! his kid was in my school! small world XD and is it required for the PM to also do finance?

07:36 @geminianeyes "dear muhyiddin. your daughter & I were in the same primary school. I see you're the edu minister. Our school sucked. Change!"

07:38 @allaboutenergy I think it's time to listen to that Money Reiki mp3 again because job searching is sucking & I need a mental boost!

08:00 @RichardWiseman better in what sense? better according to you? they do provide a sense of comfort even if not directly healing

08:23 I manifest ways to maintain my livelihood and support my arts training with full assurance of having my needs met & enough time for me. #fb

08:25 @PixelProject not that book itself, but stuff about it. I like the core idea of aligning your mindframe to your goal, but not the hype!

08:45 @RichardWiseman I'd say that moral support certainly goes a LONG way in helping patients get better but it depends on the patient

08:46 @RichardWiseman it's not exactly something you can measure with tight logic - it depends on people's psychology & background

08:46 @RichardWiseman for example, a Christian priest won't do anything for me necessarily but a Goddess prayer from a Pagan priestess may help

08:51 @edwardharran They owe me an email! are signups open?

08:57 If I unfollow you here it probably means that I've got you on @themerchgirlnet so see me there :)

09:09 I suspect I lost quite a number of friends + supporters when I dropped the KaosPilot campaign & moved on to other things. Pity, but hey. #fb

09:12 @geminianeyes perhaps, but it's still a bit sad. "Oh, you're no longer a social entrepreneur, I don't like you anymore." :|

09:14 @fmll my goodness! I hope you and your family are OK. *hugs*

09:16 @geminianeyes that's exactly what makes me sad about it! people who I thought would support me thick & thin only like me in an act.

09:17 @TwitlitZone what happened to you? You didn't even finish the last story!

09:26 @dahliamartin it's more subtle - ppl hardly talking to me, not as open, etc. I hope my current arts mob doesn't do the same when I move on!

11:43 Is SEO even worth the trouble? My stuff has no problem being on Google's front page - it's getting ENGAGEMENT that I'm focused on.

11:47 @definatalie that's exactly what I'm thinking. All the people trumping PR and SEO seem to be missing the point about the Internet

11:53 @darksbane it depends. Sometimes I wish I was *less* prominent - my alt-edu blog often gets comments from ppl thinking I'm UN or World Bank

11:54 @darksbane but it's hard to get more engaged people - I tend to attract readers rather than commentators, but I want feedback!!

12:54 @fmll where do you find such deliciousness!

13:18 @tvtropes is there a trope for senseless deaths just because the actor's leaving?

14:26 Where can I go to fix my need for a fantastic life so that I can be happy w/ normal & not always be disappointed? #fb

21:21 is feeling rather bummed about life

21:31 where's @NicoleJensen?

22:21 @EmpathicAmanda howdy :)

22:21 Your true friends are the ones who still love you even if you decide you don't want to be on Twitter or Facebook anymore. #fb

22:36 RT @cofiem Creative Commons is a way to license your work. What does attribution require? twtpoll.com/hzq5wc #twtpoll

22:48 @kyeli awwwwwwwwwwww *hugs*

22:54 @jmdonellan ooo how would that work?

23:01 Asian Women Carnival #1: Awesome stuff! community.livejournal.com/yennenga/2759.html

23:20 TS.Com Of friends and roles. tinyurl.com/czsubm

23:35 This is beautiful but leaves me conflicted (read my comment as "divabat" on page 7): tinyurl.com/dltojf #fb

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