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03:21 awh, I wasn't even shortlisted for the Nova Promotions Coordinator job. I thought they'd love my app for the circus references...

03:29 I actually like using Twitter as an RSS feed aggregator. It's easier to ignore stuff you don't want to read + click on interesting links

03:35 @djackmanson not totally. Twitter would be best for high-volume feeds - Boing Boing, Jezebel, etc

03:44 Need help at tweetbrain.com/q/00001E7B for my question: "My ex-internship has a job open. When I was there I felt that I didn'…"

03:47 @djackmanson @kissability I went to see it last week, it's AWESOME!

03:47 oh geez, all these new Twitter followers and I didn't know because Twimailer was down. HELLO PEOPLE!

03:56 @dieselfire mostly spam!

04:06 My sister and her fiance made their wedding rings. Tis LOVELY! tinyurl.com/dkeggq

04:24 @pressdarling yay tea!

04:35 I recommend Autumn Heep (@heepoleaves) for all your print design needs. She's doing my resume and it looks AWESOMESAUCE :D

04:41 ATO gave me my utterly belated tax return, and no fines! awesome! but no ruddmoney yet... #fb

04:45 @worldmegan what's something you've been holding off for a while? do that as a reward :)

04:47 @worldmegan massage, then chocolate, is usually my answer. That, or stacks of books!

05:11 @JayJayLive Hey dude, I used to be totally obsessed with magic as a kid. Considering starting it up again to incorporate with my burlesque

05:46 @JayJayLive I train with Lena! She's awesome! I met you at the YES 08 event. Add my burlesque acc - @themerchgirlnet (can't DM you)

05:56 Everyone in my life who thought I had great writing skills must be lying or delusional... :\ #fb

06:05 @a_lil_spaz fwiw you don't have to be tall or thin to be in the sex industry - any body shape works :P

06:10 @a_lil_spaz just start the damn business anyway. it's your life, your money in the end. go go go! (also look at @ProNagger...)

06:54 Come to Edge Improv's The Series tonight! Kitty o' Sheas, Caxton St, Brisbane. 7:30pm, FREE! I'm there too! #btub Improv, anyone? :) #fb

07:11 @a_lil_spaz I figure with the #btub tag I'd actually get a decent chance of having an audience! You did say we can organise our own #btubs..

07:14 @exocetau yeah exactly, so I propose a mini #btub+improv show at Kitty o'Sheas tonight :P

07:34 needs help editing her Merch Girl website copy. Message me if you're good at editing! #fb

07:54 Using the monkeysphere to change the world around you: blip.tv/file/1968591/ (from @PaceSmith)

08:10 @a_lil_spaz did this happen to you when you had blue hair? tinyurl.com/cljglg

08:20 TS.Com Using Dunbar's Number to change your world. tinyurl.com/cmqd2u

12:09 @dexin thanks for the reply! I don't hate it, I just feel like the company (theatre org) is more hardcore than I can handle. I do need a job

12:10 @a_lil_spaz share the blog you commented on :)

12:11 It's funny how all these "Internet Marketers" on Twitter are really BAD at the core of marketing: engaging people. Urgh spam!

12:14 @Kezarah I go through phases!

12:16 @a_lil_spaz which chick just did what? *confused* @kyeli with the blue hair is awesome as

12:20 @a_lil_spaz ah! you'll likely stand out from the "thanks, awesome article, visit my blog" drive-bys :P

12:23 @a_lil_spaz It's "Freaky Thursday", what were you expecting :P @kyeli and her partner @PaceSmith do cool work on communication issues :)

12:26 @a_lil_spaz :P you're missing out woman :P

12:32 RT @themerchgirlnet Need help at tweetbrain.com/q/0000214E for my question #fb

22:16 Franz Ferdinand's cover of Womanizer is made of WIN: www.twelvemajorchords.com/?p=1665 #fb

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