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00:01 The issue with "social media experts": howtosplitanatom.com/news/the-deck-story/

00:09 @PSHPlatypus For The Win. and Amazon ate your picture.

00:15 one of my Work Experience uni places has a job opening...woo!

00:25 @vivzilla aww how'd you find out? I filed my tax return totally late and have no idea if I've done it right

00:30 @vivzilla I have one entire job unaccounted for on my last tax return because I don't have the PAYG slips for it. Meep.

00:32 @galadarling your stomach demands food but you have no motivation to do the eating process. Happens to me often.

00:39 @MiraclesGoddess Yay thank you! :)

00:42 Must read: "Waking Vixen » Healing My Broken Feminist Heart" #fb ( tinyurl.com/cao6p4 )

00:51 I wish all the people I've applied jobs from would just get back to me. Acceptance, rejection, "still looking", whatever. Just REPLY! #fb

01:47 making a travel diary (all overseas trips in the past 10 years) for PR app. It took Mum & Dad 3 hours to go through my passport! #fb

02:08 Tip for potential residency applicants: Make a travel diary of all your overseas trips for the past 10 years + update it. It'll save time!

02:10 this applies to both PR and citizenship, and for almost any country. Seriously, by the time you'll need it, you'll be glad you kept a record

02:12 one of my followup emails just had a reply - didn't get the Merchandising job at QPAC. awh.

02:13 @davideedle Sometimes they do reply saying "thanks for the app" but then I never quite know if I've been shortlisted

02:17 @MarkHeartofBiz Are you blessing someone or responding to a sneeze? :P

02:37 @cameronreilly That's a very narrow view of Christianity and does not take into account the vast diversity of viewpoints within.

02:40 @cameronreilly That's like saying all Australians are football-loving bogans that play with crocodiles.

02:41 @nicolejensen I've had run-ins with faeries. They tend to steal stuff for the heck of it.

02:44 @djackmanson @Espressocomms ...somehow I was expecting this answer :P

02:44 RT @djackmanson Atheism doesn't need "converts" IMO ... secularism is far more important than "proving" atheism. (SO MUCH WORD)

02:46 @cameronreilly "the church" - which one? Catholic? Protestant? Mormon? Quaker? Baptist? Episcopal? Jews for Jesus? Sex for Jesus?

02:50 @cameronreilly @nomadiquemc even Chris Columbus's history is suspect. He wasn't the first to reach America, for one.

02:50 @cameronreilly Our knowledge is constantly changing and growing. How can we be so sure that all we know NOW is the ultimate truth?

02:52 does not care to associate with bigots and misogynists, of whatever stripe. begone (at least from my friends list)! #fb

03:12 just learnt that "bespoke" meant "custom". All this while I thought it was similar to "intricate"...

03:43 feels shaken up and nervous for some reason

04:08 RT @lifeatthebottom 'How to get a job in advertising' - the best advice we've seen on the web! bit.ly/kldn4 (Thanks to @BrandDNA)

04:16 @CoachDeb It samples the Numa Numa song!

04:20 @briscreative lol "one was @divabat". I can get you some stories from my year if you'd like! who's working on event

04:23 @jamievaron insults like that are par for the course when you're an iconoclastic young woman!

04:31 @CustomTees would you really want to wear a t-shirt that announced you as the greatest "twit"?

04:45 50 best jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe (some of these made me chuckle): snipr.com/fdyjp

04:50 @purplefae A scrub turkey stole @cofiem's lunch when he was a kid. He hates the things now.

05:00 RT @smashingmag & @michaelnoobs give away 1Helvetica Red Moleskine - is.gd/lvxv. To participate, just RT this msg!

05:10 whoops! didn't realise @ilovetypography was a co-sponsor of the Moleskine contest, not just @michaelnoobs' source! Sorry for the miscredit.

05:16 @definatalie bhagra is a style of Indian traditional music. It got remixed into techno some time ago and became popular

05:43 Vulcana Women’s Circus is currently seeking a new Artistic Director: vulcana.org.au (please RT/pass round, Vulcana is AWESOME) #fb

06:37 @heepoleaves Semi-Permanent is on NOW in Brisbane. Also talk to @briscreative, @briscreative, tons more on Twitter

06:39 @JobAngels Vulcana Women’s Circus is currently seeking a new Artistic Director: vulcana.org.au (Brisbane, Oz: open to all) #jobangels

07:06 When did I go from being non-physical and hopeless at sports to athletic training twice a week in acrobatic circus, 2-3 hours a night? #fb

07:18 @drjon Fun is one thing - I never thought it was POSSIBLE, considering how unfit I was

07:29 Wtf?! I just saw A JUMPING FISH in the brisbane river. Silver & sardine-like. O_o #fb

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