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00:08 I might need to change my ringtone...it's an awesome song but it keeps shocking me to death!

00:21 @SarahMoran are you tutoring that now or will you be? I took that class last year but left after 4 weeks - so BORING!

00:32 @zomb1etron it's "mi goreng", people :P

00:39 @zomb1etron "mi goreng" is literally "friend noodles". so go mad! I like to add an egg + veges and make egg noodle soup

00:47 @kissability darren hayes's "I like the way". one of my faves, but SO LOUD

00:47 @SarahMoran it was a big Livejournal meme in 2004/5...found it in my Delicious bookmarks and thought I'd start it again!

00:48 Damnit, where are the tutorials to create a good vintage vaudeville/cabaret/burlesque logo? I don;t want "wicked worn"

00:52 @definatalie hahahahaha I know! I think it was because @michaelmeloni said something about naming your baby; I went "o_O"

01:40 Choreography. Artistic direction. Dance-making, staging, event planning. I want to form and shape creativity - and then release it. #fb

04:17 @TheAmazingKim that certainly would be an issue!

04:30 RT @themerchgirlnet Applications open for 2010 Burlesque Ball (Australia): jacbowie.wufoo.com/forms/r7x4a3/ #fb

04:48 @GoddessLeonie It's funny how stuff we procrastinate on take less time than the procrastination itself. Starting is hard!

04:57 A (successful) attempt by @jamievaron to get a job through/by Twitter: www.twittershouldhireme.com/

04:58 @jamievaron would you recommend someonecreativeshouldhireme.com? I need a job, just not picky about the company. Jobhunt's going nowhere!

05:01 @lindyasimus heh, I just found that while she didn't get hired at Twitter, she got tons of opps and now runs her own business. woo!

05:06 @jamievaron Dream job would involve creativity, learning, people. Right now am busy training in circus/burlesque so I need something for $$!

05:11 5 successful job seekers share their secrets: money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/fortune/0903/gallery.job_stories.fortune/

05:20 @jamievaron I've done the first half (tiarashafiq.com) and am working on the second half

05:46 Someone's bitter: www.theaustralian.news.com.au/business/story/0,28124,25293711-7582,00.html

05:47 Have your say about Qld public transport (from AC Nielsen): snipr.com/fbh8p

05:52 @exocetau @stormwarden oh sorry! I didn't realise the links were individual to the receipient. Give me a few mins & I'll find a link

06:12 @stormwarden @exocetau @djackmanson sorry guys, I can't seem to find the non-session-ID link! I suppose there isn't one

06:28 boo #fb

06:31 Passing on Sri Laskmi, goddess of prosperity: goddessgoodies.blogspot.com/2009/04/money-angel.html

06:37 The new Malaysian PM, Najib Razak, is on Twitter: twitter.com/NajibRazak #fb

06:46 @geminianeyes just wrote to Najib about recognition of "Lain Lain". I wonder if he'll respond!

06:48 @geminianeyes so world leaders twittering: Obama, K-Rudd, Najib. Anyone else? Maybe anyone more interactive?

07:08 today is my last Circus Essentials class for this term...aww!! Wondering if I should move up to Master Movers next term or stay still

07:09 Why is Gmail marking my Facebook and Twitter emails as spam?

09:50 is doing sooooo much better at handstands! Now: stilts. #fb

10:37 OMFG stilts are TERRIFYING #fb

12:51 I've been tied up by @purplefae and co, ooh err ;) www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OhQYXAWue8 #fb

13:08 @a_lil_spaz it's a great choice, but in every industry there'll be douchebags

13:14 Why do the surveys on YouthSays (and Malaysia in general) suck SO MUCH? They need a re-education in survey writing.

00:00 Youth Initiative Program: Spend a year in Sweden for social enterprise: www.yip.se/

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