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05:20 Anyone wanna spring me a ticket to Darren Hayes's NYE party in London? 99GBP - early birthday present ;) snipr.com/f92rf

05:34 @pressdarling Mine just does it automatically except for @replies. I wish there was a #xfb tag for stuff I want to keep to twitter!

05:40 @djackmanson ok cool, will try that

05:49 @synapticmysfire for what it's worth, I can relate to you re: #btub. Definitely felt that Fri night, hard to sustain a convo.

05:53 testing out Selective Twitter Status #fb

06:00 @nicolejensen I've heard that they wanted to keep their clientle to the older side

08:41 How do athlete sponsorships work? What do the companies get in return for sponsorship, and vice versa? #fb

08:42 @redcurrypaste when did the strip club girl get into undies?! We missed that one!!

09:12 @a_lil_spaz what's the question? sorry, missed it while making dinner

09:14 @a_lil_spaz utterly fascinating! has a burlesque feel to it too :D you may get a fascinator sponsorship, lol

10:39 @joanjdj try looking for people who have uploaded it onto their own accounts. there'll be tons of "pirate" versions

10:55 @jerng I'm the complete opposite - I'm more about people than their job roles!

10:57 @nicolejensen found this while following some burlesque people and thought of you: www.pivotalchicago.com/

11:11 What you need to know about events/club flyering (fyi @nicolejensen): snipr.com/f9iyo

11:13 @nicolejensen heh, I just followed AskMefi tags for "promotion" and started following random Twitter folk :P

11:32 @nicolejensen @samclifford re: bra sizes - it's also likely bcoz of the manufacturer. Bra sizes aren't very standard across brands

11:33 @nicolejensen @samclifford also consider *improved* nutrition, mixed marriages, migration from cultures w/ bigger chests

11:38 @a_lil_spaz look up Etsy for fascinators. BEAUTIFUL STUFF.

11:50 until I get a regular paying job or a major sponsorship/investment, I'm not sure how long I can sustain my creative wave. so worried. #fb

21:16 is there a Firefox plugin that converts @usernames online to links to Twitter profiles?

22:24 RT @drjon Select a Twitter username on any webpage & press button to open their Twitter profile: tinyurl.com/cgmvma

22:31 my only true passion is sleeping. zzz. #fb

23:07 just ordered some new MOO Cards!

23:08 damn. Wanted to see Bi The Way at BQFF and totally missed it!

23:13 @drjon if you specify that it starts with "@" and there's no .com/.net/.tld, then it should work?

23:33 @TheAmazingKim they make farces of everybody, glasses or not!

23:35 @davidgosse the icons for epinions onwards are messed up on namechk.com

23:46 How do bands interact with venues? ask.metafilter.com/118676/how-does-the-interaction-between-venues-and-artists-work

23:56 Contribute to my Johari window: kevan.org/johari?name=divabat

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