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00:03 @chrisguillebeau I can't seem to get your site to load :(

00:06 @drjon only because they decided to host their tweetup at the same time - a pretty common time for after-work drinks :P

00:12 If #btub wants to be original about timing, go organise it at 4am on a Tuesday or something. Friday night is super common for meetups.

00:19 @brisneyland you're the only one talking sense about #btub seriously #stopbeingsoprecious

00:20 @definatalie hahaha here you go *gives you a bucket of sense points*

02:08 @a_lil_spaz cool. I'm just remarking on people who think holding an event on Friday night post-work is somehow thoughtless o_O

06:46 @nicolejensen ...there's a lot of people who do stuff for people. Do you mean the artist guy? David Horwitz?

07:03 Try to find me in this @forlongaze video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWlogCAQxyA

13:13 @btub To those of you @ #btub today: please don't post pics of my underpants online. Waist up is fine. Thank you!

13:14 @allaboutenergy lol it wasn't a real audition - it's a mockumentary about an emo band. I had to miss the filming tho! Good fun :)

13:20 @zomb1etron = awesome. Random burlesque = OK but not sure if it was right audience/venue. Sprained foot = bad.

22:07 PayPal just paid me 9 cents to account for a foreign exchange error. yay money!

23:53 @nicolejensen you weren't the one stripping last night :P

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