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01:25 Got tied up in cable & filmed by @purplefae - ooh err ;)

04:24 Young Social Pioneers of Australia - one-year program to train young leaders 18-29: www.youngsocialpioneers.org.au (@SarahMoran !!)

04:32 @fmll I can see people providing free stuff for meetups, or a free event/venue, but that's about it

04:37 EventLicious networking event - $59 (tax dedutible) - if 3 people come I get a free tix - 21/4 6pm Melbourne hotel - snipr.com/ezdfn

06:04 @dahliamartin start following more people who are interesting, then communicate with them. Took me 3 goes at Twitter to get the flow

06:50 BrainStore paying US$100 to take part in online idea session - app form here: tinyurl.com/dxz95k

07:59 my dad is SO GULLIABLE seriously

08:01 @geminianeyes STILL. I *started* out the phone convo talking about April Fools and he still thought the Mayor wants me to do timber. -_-;;

08:03 @dahliamartin I *am* a spelling mistake. Maybe

08:17 Come to Kitty o'Sheas @ Caxton St TONIGHT at 7:30pm for The Series - return of Edge Improv! Good idea for April Fools!

09:01 NOW CASTING: Sacré Ligious! Burlesque for the Pious. Roles of Lilith, Eris, Avril Fish etc available. Call Merch Girl Inc to audition. #afd

12:04 @Allyeska the casting is an #AprilFools joke, but yes, Lena said "yes" to the apprenticeship! She hasn't really given me much to do tho :P

12:23 @aprajuli If the room is still available end July/early Aug I'll need it! Perfect price! Where is it, what's in the room?

12:27 @aparajuli dayum. I had budgeted $150/week for a furnished room. Prices are going up EVERYWHERE o_O

13:06 @hipsterrunoff flip=0, or wait till tomorrow, it'll fix itself

13:07 @PixelProject Darren Hayes!!!

13:13 Volunteers GREATLY needed for @PixelProject - using Web 2.0 to raise awareness of violence against women. Follow and DM!

13:18 This entire article is QFT: tinyurl.com/cp3j33

13:21 EducateDeviate: free choice - Camp Creek Blog - Camp Creek Blog [del.icio.us] tinyurl.com/c58lvk

13:40 @worldmegan @jeremymyers it's apparently an Adobe AIR issue. I use Digsby now.

13:53 Awesome opportunity to be mentored in event production w/ Woodford FF (with pay!) snipr.com/f05tb SO APPLYING.

13:55 @pressdarling done and dusted :) I hope our lack of driver's licenses doesn't work against us. There's INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL invovled too!

14:03 "she's dressed like a porn star so I can't take her seriously". Why does it matter how she's dressed? This coming from another feminist even

14:18 Posts like these make me want to disassociate myself from other feminists, seriously. tinyurl.com/d5vabr SLUT-SHAMING IS NOT OK PPL.

14:23 @djackmanson yeah been following her lots! I feel for her rants, the poor thing!

14:23 @cjmules there's so many subdivisions and often they don't agree with each other. it's like religion, in a way :P

14:25 @pressdarling that sort of IBTP-style radical feminism confuses me. I can kinda see where they're coming from, but it seems inconsistent

14:30 @djackmanson my worries exactly. so much classist stuff and they don't notice it?

22:05 @brisneyland WHERE'S MY MONEY

22:56 @dendoo I'm a feminist and they leave me puzzled!

23:14 CADIE is adorable...if slightly nuts!

23:20 What other del.icio.us alternatives would you recommend? I know about Magnolia and StumbleUpon

23:31 *wails* I can't apply for the Woodford opp - I'm not PR enough! >_< @nicolejensen it's all yours!

23:34 @NOTCOT hahahahaa agreed. Especially gumbaby-type ones where they think you're the same person you're writing ABOUT

23:54 @dahliamartin it's a common thing when it comes to issues related to sex work. Major schism.

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