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00:04 @definatalie @nitrojane sounds like you guys: www.yourwebcoaches.com/sixweekwebpage.html

00:15 @PixelProject do magazines like Bitch or Bust qualify as a US-based nonprofit?

00:20 @PixelProject well they're recognised, just more as businesses than non-profits. Perhaps they could be medi apartners

00:29 @nicolejensen how long is this week's #btub for? might pop by after scoundrelles...possibly with a surprise ;)

00:30 RT @cerventus RT @biz New feature! Replies are now Mentions: bit.ly/ycXq2

00:32 @nicolejensen but what if you've headed for kickon and I've missed you? :P

00:33 i can't tell if the smell is of someone making treacley sweet hot choc or of the turpentine on the door paint

00:44 BATTY TOCKS: tinyurl.com/clxjax

01:31 @cleolinda They're replacing it with "Mentions"

04:13 @TransLinkSEQ since you're responding: can you PLEASE get banana buses for 412 inbound? It's ALWAYS full!

04:21 @definatalie what does the #fb do/

04:22 RT @iusebiro: Artists - get over yourselves and say something bit.ly/UrMcB (via @nicodonnell) - WORD SO MUCH WORD

04:26 @definatalie @iusebiro @nicdonnell the last paragraph of this is total art-speak: www.blam.com.my/about.html

04:30 @elliottbledsoe aren't most arts events wanky by definition?

04:40 @KateEdwards those moments are awesome!

04:52 stickK - using money or reputation to get you to stop procrastinating: www.stickk.com/

04:55 Is there anyone from Up with People on Twitter? I travelled on WorldSmart Fall 2005. Love to chat. #upwithpeople #uwp #worldsmart

05:26 @allaboutenergy www.piggybankinc.com/ <-- make a virtual bank account to attract abundance! :)

05:28 @allaboutenergy would you suggest recording virtual $$$ as debits or credits? I want to attract some things but I'd be paying...

05:32 RT @PixelProject: Looking for a photographer experienced in taking celebrity portraits and supportive of the Domestic Violence cause.

21:12 @EmpathicAmanda aww man, thank you, but that was a really depressing reading! I'll take it as Life's April Fools joke and not believe it ;)

21:26 @EmpathicAmanda aww yay :) thank you :) the cards are really pretty btw!

21:50 @mathowie I'm sure you can come up with something, it's March 31 in most places still!

22:20 TS.Com Honorary citizenship - on condition! tinyurl.com/d5d42p

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