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00:07 @EmphaticAmanda heya! Heard about you from @starshyne. I'd like a reading w/ insight about improving my financial situation, thank you :)

00:21 @bengrubb source for Conroy's sentence?

00:24 @EmpathicAmanda heya! Heard about you from @starshyne. I'd like a reading w/ insight about improving my financial situation, thank you :)

00:24 @EmpathicAmanda (it'd help if I could spell your username too :P)

00:34 @edwardboches huh, I'm an ENFP, but according to Typealyzer I write as an INTP/ISTP, with the T ESPECIALLY strong.

00:41 @Typealyzer I'm not sure; I figure I use a lot of "I feel X" in my writing. Even my Twitter stream is ISTP. o_O

00:42 @Typealyzer I tried with other people's work: 2 were spot-on, one was complete opposite. hmm.

00:47 Renewing the economics of theater (my Mefi post): tinyurl.com/cnz92u - would love to get some insight from artsworkers

00:49 @Typealyzer she discusses events on her blog; it's not very personal. Perhaps analyses tend to be ITs anyway?

00:57 @Typealyzer aww thank you! :)

01:05 @Typealyzer btw: it's detecting my LJ (divabat.livejournal.com) as Armenian. Don't know if it's LJ specific...

01:09 @a_lil_spaz oh bah! I made the same mistake too. Maybe it's the same management XD

01:33 @geminianeyes lack of breakfast makes you tired. Get some PROTEIN for breakfast - totally helps get your energy up!

01:37 @geminianeyes carbs suck for breakfast, they cause energy spikes. Milk's all right, pair it up with protein like nuts etc

01:41 Scoundrelles @ Play at Fringe Bar (Brisbane) 6-8pm - come & check out the poles & burlesque! Free & casual.

01:43 @definatalie @nicolejensen COME TO SCOUNDRELLES! You don't have to stay for long if you don't wanna. I'll introduce you to people :)

03:47 Anyone looking for a publisher? Got a friend starting a company, looking for titles. DM me for details.

04:03 @EmpathicAmanda ...alienation doesn't sound too great :( I have an idea of what I'm worth, just don't know how to get people to agree!

04:05 @EmpathicAmanda HA! Interesting timing! My parents loaned me money but that's def. not in my highest interest. Ppl w/ my values hv no $ tho!

04:14 RT @trespassmag who needs a product, or a brand to achieve a non-mainstream look? you tell me & i will find it

04:17 RT KotD College is a cruel joke: you spend an enormous amount of money to prepare for the career you need just to pay off the student loans.

04:38 @viceice depends on your degree. In my experience it hasn't made a damn difference. I had a job as a first-sem dropout w higher $ than grads

06:09 sometime in the last hour I reached 1001 followers. A chunk of that is likely spam.

06:13 @Simon_Ashaan that's good to know! hello :) now I'm down to 999...

06:20 the application I'm writing for Promotions Coordinator at Nova 106.9 (tinyurl.com/dyclno) is possibly the most random job app ever

06:21 @geminianeyes *osculates you with suction*

06:27 @zinedistro I'm already competing with my friend/housemate @nicolejensen. This will be crazy!

06:28 @viceice It's not my ceiling; I was able to command that price and could have gone higher. Degrees don't guarantee anything nowadays

06:30 @viceice "Our students are preparing for jobs that don't exist using tech that hasn't been invented to solve problems we hvn't thought abt"

06:38 666 following, 1000 followers. HA.

06:44 needs a choreographing buddy

06:55 @gloom_yasmin where do you work that's making you react so strongly? o_O

07:40 wants to scry into your eyes. Send me a good closeup photo @ divabat[@]gmail[.]com & i'll give you a free reading this week.

12:50 @toria_jayne eye scrying - reading your personality from your eyes. I used to do it randomly as a teen; would like to get more practice.

12:53 @geminianeyes both eyes would be better

20:01 @BuzzBrains that is indeed where I got the quote from :)

20:19 @vathenaEU I'd have my virtual assistant go through my email, make a list of contacts & a list of who I need to follow up on

21:07 Gwargh Coles, you could have told me way ahead of time that my visa needed to be valid for at least 12 months...

23:32 @definatalie I'll do it for art and cupcakes :D

23:39 Ever feel like striking up a conversation with someone but you don't know what to say? I feel that often

23:41 @misscalico me too! Used to be so debilitating my MUM had to deal with my calls. I suppose you could have a phobia of anything.

23:45 @PixelProject takingitglobal.org is youth-oriented but amazing

23:47 @definatalie i also take tabs :P

23:48 @PixelProject It's a website with resources on how youth can make a difference in the world. Top resource there is

23:54 @definatalie seriously - I'm up for helping you out PA-style if you need 'em. You'd be doing me a favour too, giving me things to do!

23:54 @kissability I want to be more famous than rich. Then I can get free stuff and opportunities! :D

23:56 @definatalie lol cool :) for some reason I tend to want to help control freaks the most - happened twice before already! XD

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